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  • Calcium Carbide

    1.To guarantee products with good gas yield,we take a lot of sampling test during carbide processing.
    2. To guarantee carbide drums seal tightly and safety,we do regular air pressure test to drums.
    3. To avoid size-mixing,we store different sizes separately.
    4. To guarantee loaded goods with correct weight,sizes gas yield and guantity,we take sampling test again when loading carbide to containers.
  • Formic Acid

    1. Use the high quality of sodium formate as raw material.
    2. Keep sodium formate and sulphoacid (purity 60%) as a proportion of 1:2.1 to guarantee the formic acid good purity but no crystallization.
    3. To gurantee the quality of the formic acid liquid at light yellow colour by controling the temperature at 50 .
    4. To control the reaction time at 45 Min to gurantee the liquid quality.
    5. Seal up , keep in dry and cool place.

Tel: 0086-22-84588536   Fax: 0086-22-84589236   M.B.: 0086-15620566618
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